9 Creative Communication Techniques to Improve Toolbox Talks

9 Creative Communication Techniques to Improve Toolbox Talks

Are you concerned about how your organisation’s toolbox talks are performing?

Do you need a way to engage your employees about safety?

Being able to successfully run a toolbox talk, is not just a legislative requirement, it’s also a yardstick as to how well your organisation performs at safety.

Various studies show that supervisors drive your safety performance.  Importantly, workplaces that empower staff to talk freely about safety, have fewer accidents.

This new training DVD course is based upon the latest up-to-date research results combined with real-world experience.  The complete DVD training set allows your company the ability to train all of your supervisors on the techniques required to improve communication, engagement and compliance during your toolbox meetings.

But it’s not just about learning how to run a toolbox meeting more effectively, it’s also about understanding the importance of being a supervisor and how supervisor behaviour influences the behaviour of those around them.

This DVD:

9 Communication Techniques DVD 250Description: range tickImproves group connection, so that staff at all levels feel that they are able to talk freely about their safety concerns, resulting in a decrease in injuries and incorrect reporting.

Description: heckmarkIncreases the enjoyment, engagement and safety outcomes from toolbox meetings by using a Toolbox Template, so that staff enjoy attending and supervisors enjoy leading.

Description: heckmarkImproves your safety culture, by making supervisors aware of their 7 critical behaviours that influence how others behave and think about safety in the workplace.

Description: heckmarkImproves Trust, by providing supervisors with 9 Creative Communication techniques, in order to get people, talking, collaborating, engaging and accepting personal accountability towards safety.


What People are Saying

“This is a vital topic for any industry.  This is an easy way to equip your frontline supervisors and managers with simple and easy to understand tips and tools.  It coaches supervisors to deliver interesting and relevant safety talks which is so greatly needed for companies to ensure a safe workplace.  I recommend this training tool to organisations that are interested in talking to their team about safety regularly “

Gary Rowe, CEO, Safety Action