“Since the workshop with our senior leader’s team, there has been about a 20-25% improvement to date. Your workshop has addressed areas they hadn’t though of previously and helped them to recognise better ways of communicating concerns and issues to each other. Leaders are now more inclined to share issues and work through them together to find solutions. There is a much clearer understanding of the requirements of other leaders and meeting deadlines, as well as respecting each other’s opinions, which is something they work on in regular meetings now.”

Sarah Meek, HR Director, Seasol International

Marie-Claire Ross is the Founder and Chief Corporate Catalyst at Trustologie. She is a workplace sociologist, author, speaker and consultant focused on helping leaders put the right processes in place to accelerate trust during change and growth. She does this through strategic diagnostics, roundtables, workshops, coaching and consulting. Marie-Claire is also the author of the number three ranked book on Amazon, Transform your Safety Communication. She has been interviewed on “Technology Behind Business” for Sky Business News and regularly contributes articles to FM Magazine and LogiSYM on company culture. She is also a Graduate of the Company Director’s Course and is on the SME Committee for the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


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