Marie-Claire Ross (BA(Hons)) is the chief corporate catalyst at Trustologie.  Her approach is based on working with organisations and eight years of research including over 200 interviews with CEOs and executives.  With her powerful proprietary SUCCEeD Together Trust FrameworkTM, she helps leaders understand the steps required to unite people to do their best work.  Marie-Claire is also the author of the number three ranked book on Amazon, Transform your Safety Communication.  She has also been interviewed in BRW magazine, “Technology Behind Business” for Sky Business News and speaks at both national and international conferences. Marie-Claire also writes a monthly corporate culture column for Facility Management Magazine.  She is on the SME committee for the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Fellow of The CEO Institute.

Marie-Claire gained her leadership experience from co-founding and running a video communication house working with executives to communicate large-scale training and marketing programs.