Building Cohesive Teams

Building Cohesive Teams

In the new world living with COVID-19, we need to work more collaboratively than ever before, yet that’s become harder as we navigate how to work separately.

For many law firms, it has been a steep learning curve for leaders in both legal and operations roles to manage people performance remotely. Legal already functions in a high-pressure environment that notoriously struggles with stress and burnout. The added uncertainty and anxiety has meant that HR directors and partners have scrambled to maintain employee health and well-being.

Leaders are working hard to ensure their team members feel connected to one another and are clear on tasks. But this extra communication and relationship building, while important, has required leaders spend a lot of time communicating, reassuring and making people feel connected.

Then, of course, one of the biggest hurdles for some leaders has been the lack of visibility around work and having to trust that their people are working. Same goes for team members trusting their peers.  This has meant that some employees have overworked to prove their value further increasing anxiety.

It has all been pretty overwhelming for leaders who are already doing what they can to ensure good mental health outcomes in their teams balanced with the need to serve clients at a high level. And it’s not over yet. Now, there is a requirement to lead hybrid teams – with a mixture of home and office based team members.

And many legal professionals are asking themselves: how do I manage my dispersed team well and reduce the time needed to make everyone feel connected and supported?

While managing partners and HR directors of law firms wonder what can be done to break down the silos that are forming across practice groups?  As some team leaders have done a remarkable job at building trust within their teams at the expense of other teams. 

Building Cohesive Teams has been designed specifically for the legal industry to support legal team leaders with effective techniques to build trust both within and across teams.

It has been created to make it easy for leaders to improve cohesion and employee wellbeing outcomes saving 30 minutes a day.  

This program will equip your leaders to more efficiently gets teams out of the Anxiety Zone into the Achievement Zone that has both high accountability and psychological safety.  Yet, requires less effort by the team leader, despite the team having more impact. 

Drawing on neuroscience to understand the brain’s response to building trust, Building Cohesive Teams offers legal professionals knowledge and tools for both themselves and their teams to thrive.

Building Cohesive Teams will support your leaders and teams in situations where:

  • Leaders are anxious and overwhelmed with how to lead a hybrid team.
  • Leaders don’t have the skills to build trust across practice groups. 
  • There is still some resistance from partners truly believing that people are working when they are at home.
  • Leaders are getting frustrated with the time it is taking to reassure and communicate with employees.

Teams move up into the Achievement Zone when the leader sends the signal “we’re in this together.” 

Central to this concept is that the team leader communicates one powerful ideal – we are safe, connected and have a shared future together.

Team Cohesion and Performance Model

To help leaders reduce the effort it takes improve both psychological safety and accountability in their team and double their team’s impact, I have created the Building Cohesive Teams Program.

Download Building Cohesive Teams Insights Paper

Discover how to improve team cohesion in dispersed teams. This includes:

  1. Four low team cohesion risks.
  2. The link between psychological safety and accountability that all team leaders must know about.
  3. How to climb up the Cohesive Leadership Capability Ladder.



Building Cohesive Teams Program

Training Outcomes

This training is designed for teams leaders in a legal environment such as practice managers, operations managers, general managers, partners and lawyers.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why we are wired to need trust to support high performance (and reduce anxiety).
  • 6 essential trust drivers to improve collaboration and team performance.
  • Tips and time-saving tools to help leaders better support their team members, in order to improve wellbeing, reduce silos and improve team performance.

What Participants Receive

  • A cheat sheet to make it easier to practise their learnings during meetings and one on ones.
  • Easy to understand tools and techniques that they can use straight away.
  • A worksheet to follow during the session(s).
  • Tips and tools to improve safety, connection and a shared future.
  • CPD points.
  • The opportunity for individual coaching.

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Program Overview

This online training is a mini version of a 1-2 day face to face workshop.  It has been redesigned to support team leaders who need new tips and techniques to manage their dispersed teams.   It is interactive and includes virtual breakout rooms, so participants get to learn from each other.  Up to 100 leaders can attend, but for best results up to 25 participants are recommended.  The Program includes:

  • Design meeting – Discussion to understand team member’s priorities, challenges and mindsets, as well as perspective from HR/L&D and executive to ensure training design relevant to your context.
  • Pre-work – Involves reading a short article and considering a couple of questions before the training, in order to get participants to reflect on their situation.
  • 1 x 90 minute facilitated training online workshop (includes handout, group work and a cheat sheet for use with teams).
  • 1 x 60 minute follow up workshop (includes a short online questionnaire to assess where people need the most training- connection, psychological safety or meaningful future).  This session provides more tips and Q&A.
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching call – This includes individual coaching time for a limited number of participants to get their questions answered in private. It is done in 2 x 1 hour time slots and can be either 6 x 10 minutes or 3 x 20 minutes online appointments where staff can pre-book online.
  • Debrief – To close out the mini program, results from the workshop evaluation, as well as observations from coaching will be shared with the project sponsors.

The cost for all of these deliverables is $5,000 plus GST.  The same package price is the same for other industries.  The program can also be customised for your firm and the price will depend on the deliverables. 



Want to read more about my six tips for building trust in remote teams for the legal industry?

Check out my article on the Australian Legal Practice Management Association blog: 6 Essential Steps to Building Trust in Remote Teams



“Marie-Claire’s talk was phenomenal. Everyone has been given some very good tools and questions to improve trust. Absolutely phenomenal.”

Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas Airways Limited

“ALPMA has engaged Marie-Claire for two separate webinars on building trust within remote teams and during a pandemic. Leadership, consistent communication and clear expectations all lead to increased trust which Marie-Claire explains effortlessly. Marie-Claire is an excellent presenter who is very knowledgable and able to convey complex information with ease and simplicity. Delivering content in an online environment, to an unseen audience, can be daunting but Marie-Claire presented a fabulous, well rounded and structured session that hit the brief.”

Emma Elliot, CEO, Australian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA)

“Marie-Claire was the lead speaker for the webinar “Building Trust Virtually and Beyond.”  She conducted a virtual session which garnered positive feedback from our members. In particular, her knowledge and ability to translate these soft skills into relevant facts and figures that can impact business strategies was well appreciated.”

 Christine Leong, Manager- Continuing Professional Development, The Law Society of Singapore

Your Facilitator – Marie-Claire Ross

Marie-Claire is a speaker, facilitator and coach.  She has been creating engaging, live online content for over 10 years when she designed award-winning training videos for some of Australia’s largest companies.  She works with leaders around the globe on how to build trust in their teams and throughout their organisation and still deliver on their KPIs.

What makes her unique is that she is passionate about developing engaging leadership content that is highly actionable. That’s why Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas called her actionable tools “Absolutely Phenomenal!”

Marie-Claire works with legal firms, medium sized organisations and Government.  Clients include FB Rice, Australian Tax Office, Seasol International and Drake International.

She also writes a monthly column in Facility Management magazine and is also the author of Transform your Safety Communication, which provides safety professionals with easy techniques to engage their workforce on safety.  Marie-Claire is on the SME committee for Australian Institute of Company Directors and is also a fellow of The CEO Institute.



To find out more about the Building Cohesive Teams program, call Marie-Claire Ross on 0438 986 630 or fill out the Building Cohesive Teams Enquiry Form.