Building Trust: How High-Trust Companies Deliver Faster Results, Increase Profitability and Loyalty

Trust is essential.  Without trust, you generate a dysfunctional organisation and team.

As a leader, one of your most important tasks is to gain the trust of employees to come and work with you on a vision and get a new project up and running.

Yet, various research studies find that over half of employees say they don’t trust their manager. This means they won’t commit to the vision and share responsiblity for results.

Building a high trust environment creates a critical competitive advantage that translates into revenue generation 2.5 times that of low trust organisations.

In this complimentary,10 page report you will learn:

  • Why trust is rising to the top of the CEO’s agenda.
  • The Business Case for Building High-Trust environments.
  • 3 dimensions to Increasing Company Trust and Improve Performance.
  • How to get started on the building trust journey.