SUCCEeD Together® – CEO Leadership Team Trust Assessment

Welcome to the SUCCEeD Together® – CEO Leadership Team Trust Assessment for TEC CEO groups.

This assessment tool has been to designed to help you better understand what you need to do to build trust within your executive team.  An executive team can also be called your senior management team or senior leadership team.

The assessment has been designed to better identify and understand how you currently model and build trust within your executive team and what interactions you can improve.  

How to Complete the Assessment

It’s important to evaluate the statements honestly and without over-thinking your answers.

Note that while you are required to estimate how often you undertake a stated behaviour, it is only relevant when you’re in a situation to exhibit that behaviour.  For example, when you are asked how often you spend time learning about each executive team member, make your estimate based on when you’re with them.

You will receive your own personal report during your CEO workshop.  Make sure you generate a report, by hitting the submit button at the end of the assessment.

To provide us with enough time to customise your report, this assessment must be completed by Sunday 3 November.  Your results will not be shared with the group.

Your report will enable you to more efficiently focus on which trust drivers you need to optimise to enhance your leadership.

Using the score system below, rate how frequently you undertake each of the following behaviours: