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Managing Growth is about Managing Change.

DaisyIn today’s pressure-cooker of a business world, the ability to handle constant change is the difference between success and failure.  

Companies that successfully navigate these shifts are more than just crystal-ball readers producing the best value-creation strategy.  They have the right leaders who can collaborate across functions and geography and actively engage others to help them adapt to changing conditions.  They have leaders who have a stakeholder perspective serving others’ interests as well as their own.

Leading in a world of complexity and change demands taking responsibility for strategic adaptation of the firm to ensure continual and future success.  But it means honestly assessing the current state of play and where you need to be.   You need to ask yourself:

Does our organisation have the right leadership capabilities and culture to adapt to a new strategic direction?

Would more trust facilitate the achievement of individual and collective goals?

How much trust is needed for our company to succeed?

Are interests aligned in a fair and transparent manner?


As the CEO you know you’re responsible for fostering a stronger sense of unity and increasing trust throughout an organisation.   This can only be done through removing risks and systems that inhibit collaboration, aligning interests among unit leaders, as well as up and down the hierarchy and providing management with the right skills to build trust.

In today’s rapidly moving business world, an organisation’s ability to quickly make decisions and change is a key competitive advantage.  This means creating a high trust culture.

Trust is the precursor to change.

When you have trust, people are more likely to accept a new reality.  It enables employees to commit to actions, make decisions faster and have the confidence to buy into a big vision and get an innovative project off the ground.  The result is loyal customers, highly engaged employees, stronger relationships with partners, increased efficiencies and synergies across departments and improved revenue.

We work with you to:

  • Introduction to Trust – we sit down with you and your executive team and expertly facilitate a roundtable to identify trust issues that will keep you from taking your organisation to the next level.  It’s an honest discussion to disrupt status quo thinking, introduce your executives to trust issues and prioritise key impact areas to improve trust throughout the organisation.
  • Deliver Leadership Results through Trust – Few of us have been taught how to trust and be trusted. we have a workshop that teaches leaders how to manage, repair and build trustworthiness in themselves, with teams, individuals and the organisation.
  • Trust Interventions – When there is a specific trust problem within or between teams, units or leaders and intervention with a trust program is required.
  • Organisational Essence Workshops -When organisations face uncertainty, core purpose becomes even more important – not less so.  That’s because the what and how of business needs to change more frequently in a volatile world.  This leaves purpose, the why, as the primary compass for navigating key decisions.  It’s critical to communicating to employees to get their thinking aligned and to reduce fear.
  • Trust Performance Surveys – Sometimes standard employee engagement surveys don’t give you a comprehensive understanding of how trust is impacting your organisation.  We have specific trust measurement tools to measure trust in teams, with leaders and the organisation as a whole.

Trustologie Has the Expertise and the Tools

Marie-Claire Ross is the founder Trustologie has been helping business leaders improve their ability to influence through trust leadership communication since 2003 through consulting, workshops, induction training programs, as well as through her book (Transform your Safety Communication) and DVD training programs.  

If you need help to surface what’s going on that’s keeping your executives and employees stuck, in order to identify situations where enhancing trust would serve transformational change, call Marie-Claire on 03 9696 8810 or email the office on