Delivering Leadership Results through Trust

Delivering Leadership Results through Trust

Leading in a world of rapid change and complexity demands diverse work groups to work together on mission-critical tasks.  This becomes harder when the organisation is going through a lot of change.

People don’t work for companies, they work for people.  Successful organisations rely on dependable working relationships to get work done efficiently and effectively.  

In high trust companies, people are talking about it.  It all starts with leaders who know what trust is and use a framework that forms a common language on the dimensions of trust so that people can understand, discuss and practise it.    

When is a Delivering Leadership Results through Trust Required?

When the CEO or HR leader believe that enhancing trust leadership capabilities will create competitive advantage and remove blocks to success.  There are many events that may trigger the need for a Delivering Leadership Results through Trust workshop including:

  • Integrating merged or acquired businesses.
  • Introducing a new strategy that requires new leadership capabilities and tools.
  • Transitioning an executive or management team from operating as a group to a high-performance team.
  • Merging functions or business units.
  • Improving efficient operations across organisation boundaries.
  • Creating a “one firm focus.”
  • Providing particular leaders with building and enhancing trust skills with direct reports or within teams and across the organisation.
  • Executives have previously attended an “Introduction to Trust” workshop and have decided that improving trust leadership capabilities are required.

What We Do

7K0A0597Successful partnerships are built on trust.  Trust is essential for accomplishing mission-critical work.  Improving trust reduces friction and improves efficiency.  It creates a psychologically safe environment where employees are safe to thrive.  Yet, few leaders have ever been taught how to build trust at a more comprehensive level.

We provide leaders with trust leadership capabilities so that they have the right tools to improve their ability to engage, manage expectations and relationships, as well as drive shared outcomes.

Our trust leadership training can be used as a top-up to current leadership programs or as stand-alone.  All of the deliverables can be customised to your unique requirements.

This workshop provides leaders with the practical tools they need to:

  • Make better decisions concerning whom to trust.  Improve hiring ability. 
  • Reduce wasted time and stress ruminating on how to build trust with a direct report.
  • Create concrete strategies and reforms that can enhance trust with those who need it most.
  • Enhance trust at different levels, within teams, across teams, with a person, with external stakeholders, within organisations and in leadership.

How We Do It

Through a fun and interactive workshop, Marie-Claire Ross helps individuals understand where trust issues crop up and how to handle them.   The roundtable format is flexible to meet the needs of participants and the duration can be from 1-2 full days.  The elements may consist of:

  • An activity that identifies the decision to trust.
  • Why trust is important and how it impacts profitability.
  • Identify red flags that indicate a hidden lack of trust in your organisation.
  • Assess and discuss the trust gaps in your company that impact performance.
  • Learn how to use The Trust Evaluation Framework to strategically judge, build and rely on trust with different types of people and situations.  It’s a robust, scientific model that can be used to rebuild and enhance trust multi-directionally. eg: with your boss or your direct report, with external partners or between divisions.
  • Explore specific trust communication frameworks to build trust more quickly with employees and superiors.

Workshop Promises

  • Learn and apply a strategic tool to recognise, diagnose and resolve trust issues more efficiently.
  • Receive structured trust communication frameworks to build trust in conversations more effectively, in order to produce more trusting relationships.
  • Improve influence and confidence with leaders and employees, in order to deliver better business results.

Download more information about Delilvering Leadership Results through Trust

Marie-Claire Ross is the founder Trustologie has been helping business leaders improve their ability to influence through trust leadership communication since 2003 through consulting, workshops, induction training programs, as well as through her book (Transform your Safety Communication) and DVD training programs.  

If you are in the midst of change and you want your leaders to have tools to more efficiently build trust and influence, call Marie-Claire on 03 9696 8810 or email the office on



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