Executive Team Trust Assessment

How aligned are your leadership team?

In today’s changing and complex environment, businesses must adopt new ways of working to stay relevant.  

This calls for the leadership team to embrace uncomfortable conversations around errors, poor performance and new goals.  And it requires trust  – trust with each team member, the strategic vision and the CEO, in order to work together and drive organisational goals.

In less than five minutes, find out how your senior leadership team rates in our free SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® MINI Leadership Team Assessment.

The Free Mini Quiz is a small subset of our SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework® Leadership Team Assessment that has 80 items (that is also filtered by the CEO and executive team members and bechmarked to other organisations).  For these reasons, it will give you a high-level view only and should not be taken as an “end all, be all” measure.