SUCCEeD Together Leadership Assessment

Today’s tricky business problems require organisations to harness the collective intelligence of employees at all levels to work together and find solutions.  Yet, the larger an organisation becomes the more likely silo thinking is constraining attempts for people to share insights, challenges and brainstorm.

The financial, cultural and intellectual losses stemming from poor leadership are too substantial to ignore.  CEOs need to encourage their executives to understand that success is all about teams winning together and not individuals.  

It all starts with how executives model collaboration.   After all, senior leaders are cultural role models and how they behave sets the tone of acceptable behaviours throughout the whole organisation. 

To ensure that your leadership team is conducting itself in the best way possible involves assessing your leadership team on the six essential building blocks of trust in our proprietary SUCCEeD Together Trust Framework.  Followed by a customised workshop that addresses the most efficient ways to improve trust building and collaboration within your leadership team and across your organisation.

The assessment and workshop are most suited to CEOs who strongly believe that future success is about teams winning together and not individuals.  It is for firms that are:

  • Already performing well, but there is a recognition that continuous improvement and challenging senior leaders to think differently is the secret behind future success, or
  • Performing moderately when it comes to collaboration and there is a realisation that there is some work to do with improving how leaders work together.

These sessions are NOT for leadership teams who believe they are perfect, nor are they suitable for executives who do not like to stretch and grow their capabilities.

These sessions are highly customised and involve a 15-minute online assessment, followed by a workshop that reveals the results, best practices and leadership tools to improve your most important management challenges.

If you want to disrupt thinking and enhance leadership skills, at your next off-site, contact us now to find out how we can help your leadership team develop the right competencies for the future.  

What executives are saying about our sessions:

“I always find these topics, on trust or culture, you’ve got to be so careful because it’s so general. You can chuck those words out there, but they are so airy-fairy. But the actual scoring mechanism of actually defining it, helps you pinpoint specifics on what you need to work on. That was the element that really helped me, instead of having a broad conversation to fix this issue, I can actually concentrate and hone it down to 3-4 key areas which can turn it around.”

Chief Operating Officer, Property Development Company

“The biggest insight I received in this session was actually identifying the areas in trust we need to work on. Just knowing that something is not working and we know we need to fix it isn’t enough because we didn’t know where to fix it. Digging down to find out why there is a trust issue, why something is happening and some ideas on how to fix that is very powerful. I enjoyed the open discussion we had and the information that we have learnt and can apply to our organisation.”

Chief Operations Officer, Wholesaler