Strategic Communication

Motivate employees, at all levels, to take the rights actions and harness their inherent need to succeed.

According to Towers Watson research, organisations that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to report high employee engagement compared to other firms. Not surprisingly, employee communication programs that drive behavioural change have the strongest correlation to financial performance.  

It is one thing to create an inspiring vision.  But it is another skill-set altogether to motivate employees to vividly see and feel the destination, the grand purpose of their work and understand the guiding values to navigate their course.  And spread that vision company wide.

Effective communication is all about motivating employees and management to take action on organisational processes and goals. And linking how an employee’s job is linked to the organisation’s success.  

All growing, profitable companies have high-quality communication that is aligned to their inspired vision, that links organisational leadership and employee performance.

As organisations expand, it is more important than ever that the CEO and executive team get better at how they communicate to the changing needs of their growing workforce.

An Easier Way

If you’re going to propel you organisation to new heights, then you need to improve your organisational communication at all levels.

We help organisations improve strategic communication.  Services we offer include:

  • Educating your team members how to communicate in an engaging manager using our AURA Communication Blueprint. 
  • Changing behaviours and get the right actions through creating compelling messages.
  • Aligning your internal communication to best meet the needs of your audience.  
  • Done for you services – creating induction training materials that are in alignment with your vision and values, as well as designing internal communication campaigns and testing and measuring the effectiveness of current internal communication.

All of these services are delivered in various ways depending on your organisation’s unique requirements.  Delivery is customised for the CEO, executive team, senior leader and middle management and can be through consulting, coaching, training programs, keynote speeches and strategy retreats.

Schedule a strategy session now with Marie-Claire Ross to see if our services are a good fit for your organisation.