Team Trust Workshops

Do groups work as a collection of separate individuals or as a cohesive team?

Are team members working around each other rather than with each other?  Are they competing or collaborating?

Do groups have difficulty understanding the value that other team members from different departments bring to the group?

Research by Harvard Business Review found that only 9% of managers feel that they can rely on cross-functional colleagues all of the time and only 50% say they can rely on them most of the time.  Managers say they are 3 x more likely to miss performance commitments because of insufficient support from other units than because of their own team’s failure to deliver.  The result is slow product development cycles, being slow to market, poorly executed strategy, missed deadlines, independent work gets stymied and biased decisions.

Getting teams and units to trust each other is the core component of developing a high trust organisation.  Ideally, it needs to be driven by the CEO to push a “one firm focus.”

We customise team trust sessions to unite teams and departments together to align interests, improve accountability, meet deadlines and share vital information.  

These are highly interactive workshops where participants are encouraged to work in pairs and in the group using tools and activities in their workbooks. 

Sessions include:

  • A pre-workshop team trust assessment that uncovers the gaps with teams trusting each other.
  • Customised session based on the assessment results that pinpoint particular areas of team trust that needs to be improved (eg: understanding the value procurement brings to decisions or supporting each other during high-pressure projects).
  • Exploring The Trust Evaluation Framework.   A scientific model tested over 20 years to provide leaders with a roadmap to solve specific issues.
  • Development of a team expectation document to explore the type of behaviours required for high performance.

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“What I found that this workshop made me realise that I have to confront the trust issue in my business.  It’s really holding us back in terms of executing strategy. It’s now very evident and something that needs to happen. I’ve also realised I need to be more fluid and look at the situation differently.”

State Sales Manager, Chemical Company

“I love this stuff. What I loved about it is that before today, I thought I knew what outcome I was looking for with trust. I thought I had an idea of the problem. But I didn’t have the roadmap or the techniques to identify and solve the problem. I loved pages 3-11. They are my road map and they have certainly helped me a lot.”

Chief Financial Officer, Construction