Transform your Safety Communication Book

Building trust throughout your organisation involves improving systems and how you communicate.  Use this book to engage others on safety and ensure people feel physically safe throughout your organisation.

Transform Your Safety Communication Book

Talking about safety in a manner that interests everyone is no easy task.  Just mention the word ‘safety’ and people start tuning out.  This book is suited for senior managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to:

transform_your_safety_communicationDescription: range tickCreate clear, consistent safety messages, so everyone works to a common standard.

Description: heckmarkEngage workers on safety, no matter how cynical.

Description: heckmarkUnderstand the psychology behind why people don’t listen.

Description: heckmarkLearn how to produce authentic and heart felt communication that builds trust.

Description: heckmarkQuickly generate relevant safety communication with easy to use frameworks and templates.

Description: heckmarkCreate a safe workplace that sets a new benchmark for safety in your industry.



What People are Saying

“Just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  As a seasoned H&S professional, I fully understand the importance of getting the right message across and your book has given me the understanding of how to start drafting that safety programme on my new project and giving a brief to employ a local HS communications company here in the UK, in a more professional & structured way.

I take a view of ‘by a book on a subject written by an expert to gain more knowledge’ and would definitely say I have got my money’s worth.  Many Thanks for putting pen to paper and ultimately helping me keeping people safe.”

Best Regards,

Kevin Lennon, United Kingdom

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