Transformational Leadership

Unite your workforce by painting an inspiring picture of your destination.

Leadership is about working out the company vision and strategy and then getting everyone on board.  It’s about generating tremendous energy to align the workforce to work together.

Yet, it is one of the most demanding jobs of any leader.  After all, if you want to build a healthy culture, the CEO and executive team need to be constantly focused on fine-tuning behaviours on a regular basis.  Little wonder that research has found that leaders have difficulty communicating an image that draws people in.  Converting intangible information to tangible isn’t a natural process.

Just because you have what you consider an inspiring vision, doesn’t necessarily mean that others will follow along with you.  Many CEOs have launched a new business strategy or new vision only to see it outrightly rejected by their workforce.

In fact, research by Ken Blanchard indicates that most companies function with around a 5-10% productivity drag that more effective leadership practices can eliminate.

You need to know your employees, the language they use and demonstrate that you have their best interests at heart.   And you need to be able to enthusiastically communicate vivid, emotional and tangible language that moves people.  By infusing your energy behind the company vision and strategy, you transform the workplace.

An Easier Way

If you’re going to propel you organisation to new heights, then leading it must be enjoyable.  And you need the right execution plan.  

We help leaders improve their organisations through transformational leadership.  Services we offer to the leadership team include how to:

  • Create a vivid vision that excites employees and helps them understand what is required.
  • Change behaviours and get the right actions using the AURA communication blueprint to create compelling messages.
  • Provide guiding values based on your company DNA that help people understand what is expected and how to behave.
  • Generate trust throughout your organisation, so that employees become emotionally invested within your organisation.
  • Execute the new business strategy and ensure that it is tested and tweaked for optimal results.

All of these services are delivered in various ways depending on your organisation’s unique requirements.  Delivery is customised for the CEO, executive team, senior leader and middle management and can be through consulting, coaching, training programs, keynote speeches and strategy retreats.

Schedule a strategy session now with Marie-Claire Ross to see if our services are a good fit for your organisation.