Trust Interventions

Trust Interventions 

Successful organisations are built on trust.  High trust companies are more than 2.5 times likely to be high performing organisations in revenue growth than low-trust organisations.  While data from Great Places to Work Institute has found that high trust companies have half the employee turnover of low trust companies and the best corporate cultures.

When trust is low it impedes the performance of teams, leaders, individuals and the organisation as a whole.  People refuse to cooperate making it hard for leaders to generate optimal results.

When is a Trust Intervention required?

When there is a specific trust problem within or between teams, units or individuals and intervention is required.  Improving trust will act as an aid to execution of strategy and improving employee engagement.  

What We Do

In this instance, we design an appropriate intervention to support leaders.  For example, for a client we designed a program to change how a direct report engaged with his boss.

Trust is a discipline.  Everyone thinks they know about trust, but it is more comprehensive and nuanced than we think.  It’s also two-way.  This forum unpacks trust to enable leaders to improve their performance and drive shared outcomes.  

In high trust companies, people are talking about it.  It all starts with leaders who know what trust is and use a framework that forms a common language on the dimensions of trust so that people can understand, discuss and practise it.    This workshop provides leaders with the practical tools they need to:

  • Make better decisions concerning whom to trust, so as to avoid risk and maximise opportunities.
  • Reduce wasted time and stress ruminating on how to build trust with a direct report.
  • Create concrete strategies and reforms that can enhance trust with those who need it most.
  • Enhance trust at different levels, within teams, across teams, with a person, with external stakeholders, within organisations and in leadership.

How We Do It

Using an exploratory and interactive approach, this program is based on The Evaluation to Trust model which is grounded in the science of trust, that has been used and tested with leaders, teams and organisations for over 20 years to make sure it is both thorough and practical.  It is run over 1-2 days.  The forum can be customised for each situation and can include:

  • A pre-workshop diagnostics among relevant employees to understand the current state.
  • Insights presentation on how to apply The Trust Evaluation Framework to strategically judge, build and rely on trust with different types of people and situations.  it also provides everyone with the language and a framework to openly discuss trust issues.
  • Discussion: Map out intervention strategies linked to accountabilities over time.
  • Discussion: Brainstorm specific trust interventions.
  • Discussion: Diagnose and prioritise trust gaps in your particular area that are impacting performance.

We also provide coaching for leaders who need specific strategies for their situation.


  • Build organisational capacity/individual skills.
  • Start to break down barriers between cross-functional collaboration.
  • Provide leaders with a structured conversation framework to build trust.
  • Provide employees with a new strategic tool to recognise, diagnose and resolve trust issues more efficiently.
  • Empower participants to work together to develop concrete interventions and reforms to enhance trust.
  • Create a trust intervention roadmap that provides steps for each part on how to move forward.

Download more information about Trust Interventions here.  You can read a case study of how we helped bridge trust between a Direct Report and his General Manager Trust intervention Case Study

Marie-Claire Ross is the founder Trustologie has been helping business leaders improve their ability to influence through trust leadership communication since 2003 through consulting, workshops, induction training programs, as well as through her book (Transform your Safety Communication) and DVD training programs.  

If you need help to improve leadership capabilities, in order to serve transformational change, call Marie-Claire on 03 9696 8810 or email the office on


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