What We Do

We help organisations get their people to TRUST each other to do the RIGHT things.

76% of Australian employees don’t completely trust their leaders.  Why is this a problem?  Because employees believe that trust in leadership is the biggest issue impacting their work performance.

Ignoring trust issues means that businesses are missing out on employees being highly effective in their work. These include positive employee behaviours such as loyalty, discretionary effort, willingness to change, the ability to innovate and collaborate that impact the bottom line.  According to Gallup, this is costing Australian businesses $70 billion a year.

Why is Building Trust so Important Today? 

Organisations need to be able to adapt and change, in order to stay relevant. 

Workplaces are changing and employees have different expectations.  They want to be able to work from home when they need to, feel the meaning in their work and know that their boss cares about them.  Yet, too often leaders are so busy delivering that they are unaware of behaviours that are sabotaging their efforts to build an effective team.

The strongest causal factor of engagement and high performance is when employees trust their immediate manager and the company at large.

According to Great Places to Work Institute, companies that get this right achieve 13.3% median year over year company revenue growth versus 4.3% for companies in the low trust quartile.  

It is crucial for leaders at all levels within an organisation to develop a better understanding of trust and how to manage it.

What Needs to Change?

Highly competent technical people are the ones often promoted to management or leadership positions.

Unfortunately, technical proficiency is all about delivering individual results.  It’s not about having the right skills to manage people effectively. 

Today, employees demand a different leadership style where leaders engage them and enable them to do their best work.  To improve employee interactions requires leaders with increasingly sophisticated skills around inspiring others, managing change, fostering innovation and growing their people.

Mastering Six Trust Drivers to Engage Employees

The good news is that a leader’s ability to get things done through others can be taught.

At Trustologie, we help medium and large organisations close the people leadership skills gap, to increase their ability to collaborate, openly discuss tricky issues and improve team performance by anywhere from 20% to 67%.

Our proprietary SUCCEeD Together Trust FrameworkTM is based on six essential trust drivers that help leaders focus on the right management behaviours to build collaborative and high functioning teams. 

Other trust models tend to be highly theoretical and are not easily applicable to the workplace. SUCCEeD TogetherTM is a tool for leaders to easily diagnose the barrier points to building trust and understand the levers they can move for more effective management interventions.

Trust is a big topic.  Rather than waste time fixing irrelevant symptoms, our framework ensures that you more efficiently pinpoint 1-2 of your lowest-rating trust factors and then plan the right management interventions to give you the biggest boost to performance.  

Trustologie has the Expertise and Tools

Since 2006, Marie-Claire Ross the founder of Trustologie has been helping medium and large organisational leaders diagnose and build trust and influence through solid communication frameworks.  This includes the Transform your Safety Communication book.  Marie-Claire has helped hundreds of companies through consulting, training, coaching and speaking, as well as developing an extensive trust leadership video library.  If you’d like to know how Marie-Claire can help you boost the leadership capabilities of your organisation required for a changing world, please call on 03 9696 4400 or email support@trustologie.com.au