Welcome to Trustologie

Change and uncertainty are happening faster than ever before. Amidst all the instability, employees start to lose trust in their leaders and confidence in the organisation.  In Australia, one of the top reasons employees lose trust in their managers is because they are tired of change and want clear direction. Only 47% of employees trust their direct manager, while 24% trust senior managers.

People don’t work for companies, they work for people.  Relationships are at the heart of business.  When these aren’t optimal, you get reduced cooperation, loyalty and business efficiency.  

Companies who get this right have 2.5 times the revenue than low trust companies.  But few leaders learn how to recognise, diagnose and repair trust issues.  Often, competent technical people get promoted to management or leadership positions.  Rarely are they promoted for their relationship building skills.

The good news is that when management works on building trust it builds self-efficacy and leadership capability. It also makes conversations more efficient.  This contributes to employees staying longer, being more productive, having less stress and enjoying their work.

Building trust starts with leadership.  Arm your leaders with the right trust leadership and communication tools.  The outcome is enhanced leadership ability to engage, manage expectations and drive shared outcomes.  On average, we increase by at least 30%, the delivery of leadership results.  



We’re External

It’s difficult to build trust when you are internal in the organisation and there are already trust problems.  During times like these, an outsider offers more credibility to improve trust within your workforce.

Diverse Background


Having been a market researcher, a video producer, an author, a safety communicator and an entrepreneur leading a team of 10 people I offer a fresh perspective completely outside of your industry or field of expertise.  As Larry Bossidy said “You’ve got to bring in some other people once in awhile to get fresh thoughts or you’re basically washing yourself in the same dishwasher.”

Specialist, Not Generalist


There aren’t many experts on trust.  Often, consultants read one book and think they know it all.  With Trustologie, you get the most experienced person doing the work, not a rookie consultant.

More about us

Who we are

Trustologie was founded by Marie-Claire Ross after years of experience as a market researcher testing large communication campaigns for Government and large brands, followed by a running a video production house to improve employee and customer engagement with business information.  After specialising in improving safety communication throughout organisations, yet finding that companies really need to make changes at the top if they were to improve the safety of their staff, Marie-Claire started Trustologie to improve workplace cultures.

What we do

We work with organisations to provide trust leadership capabilities, as well as engendering trust throughout an organisation by discovering their values and purpose.


Why we do it

Everyone likes to feel that the work that they do has meaning and their contribution is valued. We all want to be part of something that is bigger than what we can achieve on our own. But we can only do this if we work in an environment where we know we are psychologically safe. Safe to be ourselves, speak up and make mistakes.
Unfortunately, many of us believe that being good at our job involves proving ourselves by working harder and being the best. The reality is that no matter how talented we are we can’t get more done on our own.
Being a successful leader today involves encouraging others to trust our intentions and our vision for the future. Collaboration is the name of the game.
I founded Trustologie because I had the epiphany that I was no longer getting the results I wanted. I needed to collaborate with the right people who shared my values. For too long, I had worked in corporate environments where I was not safe to be myself. When I became an entrepreneur and hired others, I realised that I need to provide them with the safe space I had always craved. And then with my work with clients, I saw first hand the damage low-trust leaders were unwittingly creating in their own organisations.
Learning to be a leader that others can trust is a lifelong journey. In this age of change and uncertainty, trusted leaders have the capabilities to provide their followers with the reassurance that they have the capabilities to lead them into a bright new future.
I provide leaders with the confidence to lead with trust by arming them with tools to make their conversations more efficient, drive shared outcomes, align employees to objectives and manage expectations. The result is reduced stress, less friction and an enjoyable, fulfilling workplace. And isn’t that what work is meant to be about?


Where we do it

Our services are available Australia wide.