Organisational Essence Workshop

Capture Your Organisational Essence Workshop – Identifying and Defining your Purpose

During times of fast growth, a merger or acquisition, change in direction or leadership, it becomes essential for an organisation to remain focused on its core.  

Based on the seminal leadership work of Jim Collins, we believe the foundational elements to leading an organisation are guided by a set of core values and purpose (known together as core ideology).  

These are:

  1. Core values – A handful of rules that define the culture and are reinforced by your HR systems and leadership communication on a daily basis.
  2. Core purpose – It’s your why and what makes you special.  It forms the basis of the CEO’s regular stump speech and keeps everyone’s heart engaged.

Yet, many CEOs and executives, feel that they don’t have time to constantly talk about the purpose or values.  What they don’t realise is that they’re missing out on an opportunity to improve organisational performance and profitability.  Neglecting it means employee make false assumptions and apply valuable energy in the wrong direction.  

When organisations face uncertainty, core purpose becomes even more important – not less so.  That’s because the what and how of business needs to change more frequently in a volatile world.  This leaves purpose, the why, as the primary compass for navigating key decisions.  It’s critical to communicating to employees to get their thinking aligned and to reduce fear.   The fallout is reduced sales, distrust, increased anxiety, low productivity, awkward mergers and high employee turnover.

Clarity = Speed

Organisational EssenceThe more specific you can be about who you are as an organisation, the greater the likelihood for success.  An organisation’s essence – what it believes, why it exists and how it behaves is becoming even more important than the products and services it sells. It’s the glue that holds everything together. It’s what makes you unique and different from your competitors.

It also builds trust. The secret behind high-performing organisations. And the central pillar for building trust is a corporate purpose that’s defined by a genuine commitment to the social good.  It lets everyone know – from employees through to customers – how much you care, which in turn makes them less likely to believe you just exist to make money. Focusing on purpose rather than profits is what build business confidence and therefore trust.

“What companies do for clients, people, communities and society are all interconnected. A culture of purpose ensures that management and employees alike see each as a reason to go to work every day.” Punjit Renjen, Deloitte, CEO

Yet, it’s often difficult for leaders to work out their true reason for being, often confusing their organisation with transactional benefits (“we sell paint”), rather than the emotional benefits it provides to clients (“we enable customers to brighten up their world”).


Purpose is created when people and organisations work together to create value.

“Capture Your Organisational Essence” Workshop
helps CEOs, executives and employees more efficiently understand themselves and their reasons for existence.

The structure of these workshops is customised per company, but it is designed to unite employees together and make everyone feel heard.  We believe it is more efficient to work on core values and core purpose together.  Your core purpose provides the context as o how people directly contribute to the organisation’s success.  While you core values provide them with the behaviours that they need to accomplish their work.  It focuses on (but it is not limited to):

  • Who are you? Why does the world need you?  What do you stand for?
  • What is your why? How do you want people to behave?

The outcome is a clearly defined, well-specified purpose that connects employees to the positive impact the company makes to the world pulls people forward, especially in difficult times (and good). The result is an inspiring purpose that guides the right behaviours (values), influences strategy, transcends leaders – and endures.

This workshop can be delivered in various ways depending on your organisation’s unique requirements.   Schedule a strategy session now with Marie-Claire Ross to see if our services are a good fit for your organisation.