Senior Executives

leadership_challengesAs an executive running a large department or team, your success all boils down to how much your direct reports, fellow executives, customers, CEO, and board trust you to both perform and lead.

But it’s not easy.

If you look at the reasons behind disengaged employees, one of the top reasons is a lack of trust in leadership. According to the 2016 SunSuper Australian Employee Insights Report, 24% of Australian employees always trust senior management, while 47% always trust their immediate manager.  Yet, few leaders have ever been taught how to diagnose, enhance and repair trust.

Relationships are at the heart of business.  When these aren’t optimal, you get reduced cooperation, loyalty and business efficiency.  What most people don’t understand is that managing their career is all about managing a series of relationships.

Building trust in an organisation starts with leadership.  Trust is often overlooked as a leadership competency because it is taken for granted.

Leaders who understand trust at a comprehensive level and who work at building it every day ensure that employees know that they will do the right thing by them. Having the capabilities to build high trust relationships in multi-directions ensures that you are a linchpin that makes work happen efficiently in an organisation.

It all starts with the realisation that to get to the next level of success you need to work with others to make a bigger impact.  

Today, being a high trust leader has never been so precious and valuable.  It’s no longer about knowing more, working harder or being the best.  It’s about having the right networks and leveraging the wisdom within it.  Not only does this improve your results, but also your fun levels at work. 

The good news is that employees want their leader to be more trustworthy and transparent.  Leaders who can lead with trust improve collaboration, innovation and both employee and customer satisfaction.

An Easier Way

Without trust, you cannot lead.  Without trust, you can’t get extraordinary things done.  A lack of trust increases costs and reduces speed.

It’s difficult to know how to build trust if you haven’t been taught how trust actually works.  The good new is that trust can be taught to help leaders inspire confidence and credibility with their workforce.  

To help build your trust leadership skills we offer

The best investment departments can make is evaluating their organisational performance through the lens of trust. It gets to the heart of issues quickly, allowing leaders to improve their performance by a factor of up to 30%.

Trustologie Has the Expertise and the Tools

Marie-Claire Ross of Trustologie has been helping business leaders improve their ability to influence through communication since 1995.  Marie-Claire has helped business leaders build trust throughout their organisation through consulting, workshops, induction training programs, as well as through her book (Transform your Safety Communication) and DVD training programs.  

If you’d like to know how to get employees to trust each other and deliver on your brand, call Marie-Claire on 03 9696 8810 or email the office on